The Company

Case Study Healing Hands School of Holistic Health
Healing Hands School of Holistic Health was founded by  Neha and Paula Curtiss  in 1992. They have  campuses in Laguna Hills and Escondido, CA.  To date the school has  graduated 4,800 certified students.

The Needs

The school’s old site was outdated, required a programmer to update, and did not reflect the professional demeanor of the organization. The graphic design did not convey the very personal relationship that the school has with its’ students.  The course schedules were being distributed by emails with  pdf
file attachments.

The Solution

After reviewing several design comps we decided on a simple, organic look using subtle earth tones to flatter the existing logo design. Each section also contains a banner and side image derived from various artworks submitted to the school by students. The client was particularly thrilled with how they enhanced and personalized the web site.

The entire site is built as a custom Content Management System (CMS) that allows Healing Hands School staff to log in and make updates without the need for a programmer. They can easily add new semesters, teachers, courses, dates, etc. We built the application so the early bird discounts will automatically change to the normal, non-discounted tuition price on the correct date. Students can search the courses by semester, venue, and program.

We also built a secure shopping cart using to connect to the schools financial institution. Students register and then use a credit card to immediately submit payment. All order data is collected on the local server and, additionally, at